What will you embroider in 2018?

Hello tatreez fam!

After the recent announcement that Tatreez & Tea was fully funded by the Brooklyn Arts Council to offer the first ever Traditional Palestinian Embroidery Arts Education Program in 2018, I was bursting with ideas (and excitement!) for workshops I could offer.

As I build the curricula of workshops for 2018, I want to hear from you:

  • Where are you from and what designs are you interested in learning?
  • Should Tatreez & Tea come to your city or organization to offer an event?
  • Would you like to embroider an apron for all of your cooking adventures, or design embroidered earrings for a night out?
  • Have you always wanted to learn the olive branch motif because your tayta used to make the most delicious olives? Or, do you want to master different variations of the tree of life?
  • What days are best for you to practice tatreez?

Do tell. I want to offer embroidery workshops that help you connect to your creativity and to the artistry of your ancestors.



PS. Learn more about our current workshop offerings here.

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