Ahlan wa sahlan! If you are interested in booking Wafa Ghnaim and/or Feryal Abbasi-Ghnaim for a lecture, discussion, book reading or tatreez workshop, please fill out the form below. You are also welcome to email Wafa at

Event offerings vary in cost depending on the number of participants, materials, location and time frame. If you are interested in pricing a specific event, please be sure to detail the following information;

  1. How many students you would like to participate in the workshop(s).
  2. Number of workshops you would like to offer.
  3. Length of workshops (typically workshops of 2 hours are for 10 students, 3 hours for 15 students and 4 hours for 20 students).
  4. Number of lectures (typically lectures are free and open to the public and precede the workshops the night before.
  5. Budget limitations for the event.